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Ferris Wheel #tb #throwback #photos #shots #photography

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it ate her heart


making her

feel the 

unending pain

until she




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They told me to love myself. I asked them how, they did not answer.

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there are times

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I haven’t been writing lately. Maybe it’s because I do not know what to write or I do not know who I was or what I want anymore.

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I want you to crave for me. This is the most selfish that I could possibly be. I want you to need me. If not, at least, I want you to make me feel that you need me, that you are not better of without me, that my absence will bring you no good, that you’ve learned to let me be a big part in your life that at the very moment I’m gone, it leaves this huge space that your fingers run through, longing and searching.

I want you to miss me, to need me. At least, make me feel that you do. Because I already feel all these with you. Too much of it, even. Can I be selfish? Just this one time. Let me be.

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Weeks passed and it was only getting worse. I did everything I could to get rid of it. I tried talking to mature people who would know what to do when it comes. I tried talking about it to the people who cared. I tried writing it down to let it out of my system. It worked for a week or two, that I would never deny. But ah, when I thought I finally got rid of it, it always comes back stronger. I could not get it out anymore. It’s as if it was stuck in my throat. I could not breathe normally; my breathing was too fast, so was my heartbeat. I could not move my muscles as if I was paralyzed. I wanted to shout but I could not speak. All that I could do was cry and cry like the pathetic person that I was. I did not know what to do. I wish I weren’t weak and pathetic. 

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That Kind of Relationship

That kind of relationship wherein you can be the real you and don’t have to pretend to be someone else. That kind of relationship wherein you can be stupid, fool, silly, pathetic and absurd without worrying that your partner will fall out of love with you because you know that will be just more reasons for him/her to love you more. That kind of relationship that both of you accept the flaws and imperfection of one another. That kind of relationship wherein you can act as silly kids trying to find a place in this world yet when it comes to serious matters, you can confide to one another. That kind of relationship wherein both of you are proud of it and you can tell to the whole world how much you love one another without feeling any embarrassment. That kind of relationship wherein you are lovers, best friends, advisers, protectors and parents as well. That kind of relationship is what I want someday because I know that it will surely last. 

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i just don’t want to be alone in this fight anymore

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